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JReed Estate
The JReed Estate webpage has established
a joint venture relationship
with Reed Property Management LLC.

The JReed Estate now consists of three entities:
"building community, recognition, personal and spiritual growth"
"preserving 1,168 acres of wetlands habitat for the benefit of future generations"
"1,700 acres of natural habitat for hunting, enjoyment and land stewardship"

Land-Based Ownership and Texas Pride!
The creation of healthy, fun and stewardship opportunities
- which would otherwise not be available -
for ourselves and others who have similar interests
by the sharing of land-based assets and other resources
The JReed Estate
Three-Part Holistic Goal
Quality of Life
- the creation of things that are meaningful and fun for us and those we care about; and the production of opportunities for others to have more meaning in their lives
- association with open-minded people with fresh ideas and creative thinking processes
- the building of a healthy environment for ourselves and others in terms of physical fitness, spiritual growth and healthy relationships
- freedom to work with only those who are healthy to be around
(no jerks allowed)
- the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful peaceful setting with clean water and air
- learning and developing from a personal standpoint, so we can contribute to our society and to our environment
- offering a hunting experience which is diversified and well-organized, reputable and friendly for both club member hunting and other types of hunting; with well-communicated rules and management information shared with other hunters to provide a safe responsible hunting experience
- the designation of ranch areas such as wildlife habitat and hunting spots, with aesthetic and social areas being given special attention
- perception of the ranch reflecting our values and quality of life standards
Forms of Production
- use the ranch as a learning laboratory to build, organize and create useful things while focusing on learning, developing a spiritual connection with nature and personal growth
- share the ranch with others who enjoy the same things we do
- use website and email for efficient communications
- use the ranch to pursue activities that enhance physical and mental growth
- insure that partnerships and networking relationships are enhanced
- allow others to take on responsibilities in return for their use and enjoyment of what the ranch has to offer
- provide fun and enjoyment opportunities with little to no risks; with safety as a primary focus
- produce an aesthetically pleasing environment that provides open spaces, solitude, clean air and water
- strive to continually improve things for fun and added value to the ranch
- focus on improvements and maintenance
- use a calendar to schedule activities to keep everybody informed
- use annual budget planning
- use photos for hunting and recreational enjoyment and also for monitoring the health of the ranch
- make healthy decisions and choose best practices in line with our values; while settling disagreements in a healthy spirit of cooperation and good-will
- focus on a cooperative open-minded attitude which moves us toward the overall goals of the ranch
Landscape Description
- Overall Environment: atmosphere of learning, healthly relationships and spiritual growth; creation of meaning in our lives and in the lives of others
- Bottoms and Pasture Areas: maintain the natural beauty of the wetlands and wildlife habitats; natural, sustainable areas with a minimum of technology used
- Wooded Areas: healthy and sustainable from both a forest health and wildlife management standpoint
- Hill and Pasture Areas: soil surfaces will be covered with a mixture of grasses, forbes and shrubs. Areas of brush and forest will be maintained to support a diversity of wildlife. Capture of solar energy will be high and use of water resources will be efficient
- Hunting and Fishing Resources: healthy wildlife and water resource habitat; safe hunting and fishing with designated wildlife habitat management areas; sustainable lakes and ponds for fishing and recreation
- Camp Site:  sustainable and low-maintenance, clean and orderly, rustic and comfortable with both private and social areas; orderly maintenance and upkeep of camp area
- Wetlands Habitat: healthy water distribution, movement and quality; with periodic or continuous water saturation of soils and vegetation at or near the surface of the land
- Ranch Environment: healthy, fun stewardship opportunities for ourselves and others who have similar interests 
Six Generations of Land Based Stewardship
Beginning Over 100 Yrs Ago
in Texas in 1893

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