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Hunting Club
Year-round access memberships at the Reed Family Ranch are available periodically. Contact olJim Reed for more information.
The 1700 acre Reed Family Ranch is located in north central Texas, in the county of Navarro (a 1 1/2 hrs drive south of Dallas). 
Both family member guests and other guests are allowed access under the ranch's guest policy for club membership and hog and varmint hunting. The ranch does not allow the consumption of alcohol, beer, or drugs. A campsite is available with clubhouse, water, electricity, and restroom facilities - along with fire-pit and family style cooking areas.
The ranch separates its wildlife areas by 22 different habitat areas - in addition to the location of the ranch campsite. In addition to other uses, these areas are used to designate various club member focus areas. Here's listing of the areas:
East Cut-Off Northwest Cut-Off
Southwest Cut-Off High Water Crossing
East Lanes Moonshine Woods
 Horn Lake Spot  Horn Lake Drainage
 North Pasture  Uncle Jack's Spot
 South Pasture  Bearman Lake
 Oak Grove  Red Bird Patch
 Big Food Plot  Shark Lake Dam
 South Valley  South Hill
 Pipeline Easement North  Front Pasture
Pipeline Easement South Shark Lake West
See Below Map for Hunting Areas, Wildlife Habitat and Campsite.
Ranch Family Hunting Group
Ellice and Charles
Aubrey and Gilbert

J and Tricia
Brad and Teresa                             Traci and Jimmy                       Jimmy and Ashley
Tony and Kimberly
Jim and Judy
Waylon and Chelsea
            Dale and Tanner                                              Ron                                    Hagen and Leia              
  Steve and Claire Russell and Shelia Tyler and Alisha
Matt and Breanna 
Deer Videos