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November 2023
Reed Family Ranch Newsletter
Thanks for your past interest in the "what's going on" at the Reed Family Ranch. It has been several years since the last Ranch Newsletter was sent out. Over the years, many of your name and email addresses have remained on this list and I wanted to do a remembrance update. New names have also been added. 
If your interests have changed and you already have enough in your inbox, let me know so your contact information can be removed. I can be contacted at Because of past ranch contacts and activities, this list now has over 450 names and email addresses on it. I am using this email to update things.
And, if you are reading this Newsletter and did not receive a notice email, let me know and your contact information will be added.
Here is a list of topics and content of future Ranch Newsletters.
  • Hunting Club Membership
  • White-tailed Deer Hunting
  • Duck Hunting
  • Hog Hunting
  • River and Lake Fishing
  • Wildlife and Nature Photography
  • Wildlife Census Surveys
  • Wildlife Cameras and Content
  • Ranch Videos
  • Ranch Trails Development
  • Updates and Ranch Happenings
  • Ranch History
  • and Landowner/Management Personal Notes
FYI - Judy and I participate on social media on Facebook and continue to post there. Our Facebook page can be located at Judy's and Jim's Facebook Page. We are always looking for new friends and renewing past acquaintances.
Many of you have already visited the ranch property and we are hoping that you continue your interest in keeping up to date on Ranch activities.  Although Judy and I spend weekends at the ranch, we have now retired from active ranch duties - and daily ranch management has been turned over to daughter Traci and son-in-law Jimmy Keele. Judy and I have a primary residence in Tyler Texas and are at the ranch most every weekend.
Many of you will remember that the ranch has a 100 yr-plus Reed family land ownership in Navarro County - beginning with original Texas land purchases in 1893. Ownership was passed on in 1999 with a cow/calf operation and has since evolved into a hunting club ranch over the past 24 years of current ownership.
See below for a current aerial view of the ranch and its wildlife habitat areas.
Kindest regards,
oljim and msjudy