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Hog Hunting
Guests of hunting club members are invited out for Reed Family Ranch hog hunting each year (February through the end of May). Nonrefundable deposits of $100 for each guest is required - and only hunting guests are invited out. These weekend hunts are scheduled at a rate of $290 per hunter.
There's water and electricity at the campsite, as well as barbeque grills and microwave for cooking. A restroom facility, concrete animal processing shed and a family style cooking/eating area is also available.
There's also spots for sleeping over (no additional charge for sleeping over), but space is sometimes limited - so check ahead for availability.
Cots can also be put underneath the covered fire pit and wood deck area, and can be used as sleeping quarters if space isn't available in the bunk houses. Also, you're welcome to bring your own tents for camping out.
Although hogs freely roam the ranch during most times of the year, they are unlike deer in that their territory is much more widespread and they come and go.
Since a large portion of the Reed Family Ranch is located within the Trinity River Basin wetlands area, floods are experienced periodically. When flooding occurs, Ranch conditions change drastically; with more of the wildlife concentrated on hill land, where hunting and viewing can become even more opportunistic.
The Ranch wants everybody to return home with lots of cool memories and just as safe and sound as when you left; therefore, there's no drinking allowed. Safety is of utmost concern!
For your safety, here are some rules you are expected to follow (1) no side-arms may be carried in camp (2) rifles must be left with actions open in camp (3) no magazine or clips in weapons in camp at any time.
Also, each guest must sign a ranch liability release form. This form must be signed and given to the host club member before a hunter will be allowed to hunt. This liability release form can be viewed and printed out by clicking here.
The time period for these hunts normally include (a) arrival during the afternoon of one day - with a hunt that same evening/night (b) the following day at the ranch - with another hunt that same evening/night, and then (c) departure the following morning before noon. The hunting access fee also applies to shorter stays. Weekend hunts are scheduled most often; however, hunts during the week are possible too. Lots of hunting possibilities, with the exception of dogs.
Normally, a guest is defined as one individual hunter. Upon approval by the host hunter, a guest may also be defined as a parent and one other family member living under the same roof (youth under the age of 18 - or spouse). All hunters on the Reed Family Ranch must have a valid hunting license.
Your host hunter can provide more information about these hunts - and fishing possibilities too! We're looking forward to having you out! Send email to Jim Reed at to get signed up - or to request more information!
Good luck with your huntin' and ya'll be careful out there...ya hear?