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March 2024
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Ranch Guest Hog Hunts
 Hog Hunting at the Reed Family Ranch
Come join these exciting hunts! The Reed Family Ranch is a community ranch located in North Central Texas. Much of the hog hunting is done in the bottomlands of the wildlife rich Trinty River basin and is the home of the JReed Wetlands Preserve.
Lots of fun times at the ranch with plenty of time to hunt on into Friday and Saturday nights - in addition to hunts during the week if you can make it out.
Plenty of time to hang out with some fun people, sit around the campfire and swap stories - and get in some exciting hunting (and fishing if you want) at the same time.
These hunts are a hoot! Hope you can join us sometime!
For scheduling, contact Jim Reed at
Here is a video of hog hunter Matt using his thermal weapon sight.
Cool stuff!
See below link for the website link to these fun hunts!
Scheduling for these fun hunts is available by contacting me at
River and Lake Fishing
Over 3 miles of the Trinity River border the ranch and offers excellent fishing opportunities. The 10 ac bass lake is convenient to the ranch campsite and a small pond next to the campsite is an excellent place to wet a hook for perch and bluegill.
See below video to watch Wade pull in a monster Trinity River alligator gar - way to go Wade! 
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See below for a current aerial view of the ranch and its wildlife habitat areas.
Ya'll be careful out there, ya hear?
Kindest regards,
oljim and msjudy