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December 2023
Reed Family Ranch Newsletter
December 2023
White-Tailed Deer
This current deer season is experiencing some of the most impressive white-tailed deer ever seen on ranch property.
Our deer census surveys using wildlife cam photos gives us a good measure of how things are developing and how our hunting club members are managing the annual harvest of our deer population. 
The hard work of our hunting club members and their ability to age on the hoof continue to produce good results and ample hunting opportunities.
Congratulations to all our hunting club members - way to go!
Photos of our hunting club and family members can be viewed by clicking on the below link. We are proud of all of 'em - best ever!
More information about our hunting club is available by contacting me at
Duck Hunting
We are proud that grandson Hagen Keele continues to provide leadership for ranch duck hunting. There is an abundance of sloughs, ponds and wetland lakes perfect for waterfowl habitat.
The ranch has over 1,000 acres of Department of Agriculture designated Wetlands Preserve lands. The JReed Wetlands Preserve landscape designation came to the ranch in 2011 in recognition of its Trinity River flood plain and its tear-shaped swales, ponds and berms created for waterfowl habitat.
There is also a shallow 23 acre duck lake (see aerial photo on right) and a large wetlands slough located in bottoms woodlands. Annual crops of millet, corn and seed blends are planted to enhance the availability of excellent waterfowl habitat.
More information about waterfowl habitat and duck hunting is available by contacting Hagen at Looking forward to another great duck hunting season!
Hog Hunting
Guest hog hunting begins February 1st, 2024 - with the first hunt scheduled for the weekend of February 2nd-4th. See below link for a description of these guest hunts with plenty of weekend fellowship.
More information about these fun hunts is available by contacting me at
Blast from the Past - Favorite Photos
Original Owners - Texas Ranch Land in Navarro County
Jimmy and Lottie Reed
View a slide show video of 100 Year Tribute to the Reed Family Ranch.
View a Video of Helicopter Fly-Over - Reed Family Ranch
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See below for a current aerial view of the ranch and its wildlife habitat areas.
Kindest regards,
oljim and msjudy