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January 2024
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White-Tailed Deer
In pursuit of our ranch goal of "making hunting better each year" in place of "not as good as last year" - annual deer surveys are used to monitor things from year to year. A series of wildlife cams are placed by our hunting club members over the entire property. Here is a report of the last two years of deer surveys.
Thanks to all our hunting club members for their participation in these surveys - you are the best!  
The next wildlife cam survey will be taken in September 2024. Results of these surveys are used for making good land stewardship and wildlife management decisions. 
This white-tailed deer hunting season has produced good results. Lots of memories made with good hunting opportunities. Seven buck were taken with the oldest being 5 1/2 years old. The average age of buck taken was over 3 1/2 yrs old. In keeping with our annual doe harvests, six doe have also been taken this year. 
We recognize that situations come about in those woods ever so often - and perfection is not expected. All of our hunting club members have the ability to age on the hoof and try their best to take only mature buck.
Here are some photos taken by our awesome hunting club photographers and wildlife cams this season. Thanks for sharing!
For those of you interested in aging white-tailed buck on the hoof, see below for a link to a good aging video.
More information about the ranch is available by contacting me at
Duck Hunting
Grandson Hagen Keele continues to provide good leadership skills for ranch duck hunting. There is an abundance of sloughs, ponds and wetland lakes perfect for waterfowl habitat on the ranch property. Hagen reports that this duck season is being one of the best ever!
Take a look at just a few of the duck hunting photos being taken this year.
Thank you Hagen!
Hog Hunting
We are looking forward to our first guest hog hunt scheduled for the 2024 year. Guest hog hunting begins in February with the first hunt of the new year scheduled for the weekend of February 2nd through the 4th, 2024. 
Six hunters are already signed up.
See below link for a description of these fun hunts - gonna be fun!
More information about these fun hunts is available by contacting me at
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See below for a current aerial view of the ranch and its wildlife habitat areas.
Ya'll be careful out there, ya hear?
Kindest regards,
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